Since almost all home search web sites have a delay or inaccuracy in the information they are searching, I highly recommend you use either (which comes out of the Austin Multiple Listing Service) or to do your initial home search for properties in the greater Austin Area to see some possibilities.  These search engines are slightly delayed in publishing the status and information on properties but are more accurate and quicker than other sites. However, when you are getting really serious about a home or homes in a specific area in or around Austin it is very important to engage the services of a professional Realtor. The residential real estate market is rather hot so you need current and up to date information since houses are typically selling quickly and you need an agent to help you successfully negotiate a potential multiple offer situation.  An agent has access to The Austin Multiple Listing Service which is the most current property information available which often includes documentation provided by the seller. Feel free to call me so we can discuss options for you. I can be reached at 512-294-4318 or email at I look forward to speaking with you.